Overcoming Limiting Beliefs: My 3 Month Plan for Growth

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs: My 3 Month Plan for Growth

We all have beliefs that hold us back from achieving our full potential. These limiting beliefs sabotage our confidence, keep us stuck, and prevent us from pursuing bold goals.

In this post, I'll share my personal experience with limiting beliefs and outline the step-by-step plan I'm following over the next 3 months to overcome them. My goal is to build unstoppable confidence and take action towards my biggest life goals.

If you struggle with limiting beliefs like I do, I hope this post will inspire you to join me on this focused self-growth journey over the coming months. Let's hold each other accountable to fearlessly pursue our dreams!

My History with Limiting Beliefs

To give context on where my limiting beliefs come from, I want to share a bit of my childhood background.

I grew up with loving, supportive parents who sacrificed a lot to give me a great education and opportunities. However, money was often tight. I went to a private school on a scholarship while surrounded by wealthy classmates.

This environment fostered an obsession in me from a young age with fantasizing about being rich. I would pretend to "sell" my toys and keep track of the imaginary money I made.

So while I earn good money today, these childhood experiences instilled limiting beliefs around wealth and finances I still struggle with, including:

  • The false idea that time equals money (more work hours = more pay)
  • The belief that money is scarce and I have to fight for every dollar
  • Thinking you need a "real job" to earn substantial money
  • Feeling guilty for earning a lot without intensive hard work

Beyond money, I have so many other limiting beliefs. For example:

  • I can't do endurance sports because I have low pain tolerance
  • I'll inevitably suffer from chronic back pain since it runs in my family
  • I'm inherently lazy and will always struggle with motivation
  • I'm not smart or experienced enough to achieve big goals

Do any of these sound familiar? Chances are you have your own unique limiting beliefs holding you back.

The danger is that when we believe these stories about ourselves, we make them come true. Our expectations become self-fulfilling prophecies.

So over the next 3 months, I want to systematically dismantle my limiting beliefs and construct an empowering narrative about who I am and what I can achieve instead.

Here is my plan:

Overcome Loss Aversion by Taking Action

The first technique I'll use is overcoming loss aversion. Loss aversion refers to the tendency to avoid potential "losses" rather than seek equivalent "gains."

For example, we'd rather not lose $100 than win $100. Loss aversion causes analysis paralysis, where we fail to act to avoid potential downside.

To combat this, I will focus on taking action continuously for 3 months. I will imagine desired outcomes happening from my actions instead of worrying about risks.

Some actions I will take include:

  • Reaching out to mentors and contacts daily
  • Applying for stretch opportunities at work outside my comfort zone
  • Scheduling meetings to pitch new ideas and business ventures
  • Signing up for a marathon and booking training sessions
  • Researching investments I'm too hesitant to make currently

The key is momentum - as long as I'm taking daily actions, I'm making progress. Failure contains lessons to then adjust. Inaction breeds stagnation.

Reimagine Fears as Opportunities

Next, I will reframe anxiety and fear as excitement and opportunity. Fear is imaginary - it exists only in our thoughts.

But while imaginary, fear impacts real world outcomes. Expecting failure makes it more likely. I want to flip the script.

Some ways I will reimagine fear include:

  • Viewing public speaking anxiety as excitement to share my ideas
  • Reframing fear of rejection as opportunity to strengthen resilience
  • Seeing difficult tasks at work as challenges to grow my skills
  • Using nervousness about cold calling as energy to have engaging conversations

Basically, I will lower the perception of potential downside, while focusing on the upside of taking action. I'll also visualize myself as a third party to analyze fears more objectively.

The goal is to realize fears are mostly exaggerated and manageable. Boldness is a muscle - exercising it makes it stronger over time.

Write a Positive Daily Self-Story

Another key technique is controlling my inner narrative. Our daily actions and thoughts write our "self-story."

When I doubt my abilities or avoid challenges, I strengthen my self-story as someone who gives up easily. But when I humbly persevere and give efforts my all, I tell a story of resilience.

Over the next 3 months, I will be extremely mindful of the everyday stories I tell myself through my actions. Some tactics include:

  • Pushing myself during tough workouts when it would be easier to stop
  • Speaking positively about myself and my abilities vs being overly critical
  • Making time daily for personal growth through reading and journaling
  • Holding myself accountable and praising myself for small wins

The compound effect of composed, empowering actions adds up. Tiny choices matter when crafting the self-story we subconsciously believe.

Prioritizing Goals and Putting in the Work

Finally, meaningful change requires focus and work. I will intentionally prioritize 3-4 core goals to relentlessly pursue over 3 months.

My focus areas include:

  • Strengthening a key client relationship at work
  • Doubling my YouTube watch time by making highly clickable videos
  • Releasing a new product for my side business
  • Hitting a bench press personal record at the gym

With only 12 weeks, I can't spread myself thin. I need to be strategic with where I direct energy.

But beyond just prioritizing goals, I know results require sweating. I must put in hours of focused effort daily:

  • Waking up early to work on passions before my day job
  • Staying mentally sharp by reading books during commutes
  • Recording videos and courses during evenings/weekends
  • Meal prepping and setting gym time before slash after work

There are no shortcuts - only tradeoffs. By ruthlessly optimizing 3 months, I can make exponential progress toward multiple goals simultaneously.

It won't be easy, but hard work strengthens my confidence and self-belief. And by documenting the journey, I can inspire others facing similar internal limits.

Progress Requires Accountability Partners

Lastly, we are social creatures. Sharing this journey publicly and finding accountability partners will maximize my likelihood of sticking to this plan.

So first, I hope this post helps you reflect on your own limiting beliefs and how you can systematically move past them. What resonated with you? What actions will you take over the next 3 months?

Second, please connect with me online! Share your goals and let's keep each other motivated. The community aspect accelerates individual growth.

Finally, chip away daily. Don't let limiting beliefs suck the joy out of the present moment. Believe deeply in your potential, but balance that confidence with patience.

If I simply focus on writing an empowering self-story through small actions today, then in 3 months I'll have taken hundreds of tiny steps forward. Compounding creates big change.

Our beliefs influence our actions, but our actions also influence our beliefs. With relentless action comes expanded belief in our capabilities. Allow this momentum to build.

The time is now. Let's conquer complacency and fear over the next 12 weeks. Please share your thoughts and progress. Now, let's get to work!

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