Leveraging Instagram Hacks and Secrets for More Engagement and Sales

Leveraging Instagram Hacks and Secrets for More Engagement and Sales
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Social media platforms are constantly evolving and introducing new features. To stay ahead of the game, savvy content creators and businesses utilize clever hacks and lesser-known tactics to boost engagement and drive sales on platforms like Instagram.

In this comprehensive guide, we will uncover some of the most effective Instagram hacks and secrets used by top influencers and brands. While these strategies may seem counterintuitive, they can significantly increase your reach, engagement, and bottom line when executed properly.

Shorter Reels Drive More Views

One of the first Instagram secrets we'll cover is creating shorter reels to boost views. Reels that are 7-15 seconds tend to gain the most traction, especially when they seamlessly loop.

To implement this strategy, focus on snippets that easily repeat like recipe tutorials, timelapses of artwork, coffee making, and more. The key is keeping the video ultra-short while packing in dynamic visuals and motion. An opening shot with immediate movement also grabs attention right away.

Additionally, mini montages set to trending audios leverage reels templates for quick and captivating content. The pre-made templates available on Instagram allow you to effortlessly remix clips and images.

Pairing snackable reels with detailed captions gives viewers a reason to stay on your post longer. Mention checking the caption to further boost engagement. The longer a user remains on your post, the more opportunities for them to like, comment, save, and more.

Automate Engagement with ManyChat

Driving engagement is crucial for standing out on Instagram. ManyChat is a Meta Business Partner that allows you to automate interactions to boost comments, DMs, and sales.

By setting up templates and automations with ManyChat, you can add calls to action that prompt users to engage. For example, you can include a message in your caption or reel that says "DM ME for the link!" The automation will then send anyone who DMs a specific URL or resource.

ManyChat customers have seen insane results like a 278% increase in engagements, thousands of percent more comments, and over six figures in revenue from a single post. Big names like Jenna Kutcher and Amy Porterfield have grown their email lists and made millions through ManyChat.

It streamlines communicating with ideal customers and followers at scale. ManyChat also seamlessly integrates with Instagram ads, which we'll cover soon.

Remix Top Content For Your Own Audience

The remix feature on Instagram is a hugely underutilized strategy for piggybacking off viral content. Here are some reasons why remixes work so well:

  • Instagram favors native features like remixing, so it gives your post a visibility boost.
  • Adding your own spin with a remix grabs new audiences off trending content.
  • Creators will often tease an incoming remix to build anticipation.
  • It allows you to bank off an already high-performing piece of content.

To leverage remixes, find trending reels that align with your brand. Then download the video and add your own additional 5-15 seconds at the end. This could be a funny reaction, product reveal, or transition into a call to action for your business.

Use captions to further differentiate your version and direct traffic to your profile and site. While big brands are hopping on the remix trend, small businesses and creators have a prime opportunity to cash in on viral content through this feature.

Run Post Engagement and View Ads

Influencers and brands are shelling out for Instagram ads to take their accounts to the next level. But promoted posts alone won't cut it. Instead, focus on the post engagement and views objectives.

Post engagement campaigns specifically aim for more likes, comments, shares and saves on your organic content. Meanwhile view ads drive more video views, ideal for IGTV and Reels. Both help you extend the reach of quality content that may have underperformed.

To take it further, combine ads and a tool like ManyChat. Use the ads to reach new users, then a ManyChat flow captures leads through messaging and your website. The free ManyChat plan works fine, but the code "Hiseason" gets you 1 month free on the Pro plan.

I also recommend checking out my in-depth tutorials on setting up Instagram ads as a beginner and combining ads with ManyChat. As your following grows, paid growth opens up even more possibilities.

Repost Top Content Months Later

Here's an unexpected Instagram hack from influencers - reposting the same content months after the initial post. Although it seems counterintuitive, it can seriously pop off the second or third time around.

For example, musician and creator Piff Marty reposted his music videos months apart. The first post got 10k views, the second 90k, and the third 500k+.

The key is spacing your reposts months apart to re-engage users who missed it the first time. Consider adding a call to action or caption twist as well. While completely duplicating posts frequently is a no-no, selectively reposting your best content down the road can help it finally find its audience.

Engage With User Stories

Proactively engaging with your audience's Stories and posts is an underutilized Instagram growth hack. Here are two reasons why it's so effective:

First, these interactions establish a social connection and relationship history. Instagram's algorithm uses this to determine which users are most relevant to you. So liking and replying to Stories signals that the account matters. This can boost your content rankings in their feed.

Secondly, it often leads the user to check out your profile and recent posts after seeing you engage their Story. This leads to more profile visits, potential follows, and post impressions.

Responding to Stories comes off more authentic than one-sided outreach. Plus it's a mutually beneficial way to get on users' radars and stand out from the crowd. Maintaining an active, engaging presence is key for sustainable Instagram growth.

Reply to Older Posts After New Ones

Here's another genius Instagram trick - when you publish a new post, wait to respond to comments on your previous posts.

For example, post on Monday and like but don't reply to comments. Then on Tuesday after your next post, go back and reply to Monday's comments.

This tactic brings users back to your profile, exposes them to your newest content, and re-engages them after forgetting they interacted. It capitalizes on re-alerting engaged users who are ripe for more interaction.

The delayed response find you again, often directing new traffic to your latest post. It also continues driving engagement on your back catalog of content. Try switching up your usual comment response cadence to spike engagement on multiple posts.

Final Takeaways

Implementing Instagram hacks and secrets used by top influencers can elevate your profile when done right. Key tactics to focus on include:

  • Creating quick looping reels 7-15 seconds long
  • Automating engagement with ManyChat
  • Repurposing trending content through Instagram's remix feature
  • Running post engagement and video view ads
  • Reposting your best content months later
  • Proactively engaging users through stories
  • Responding to older posts after publishing new content

Keep an eye out for any new features added to Instagram that can be leveraged before they're mainstream. And regularly re-promote evergreen content that underperformed but still has potential.

The Instagram landscape is constantly shifting. But using the right strategies, any brand or creator can gain a competitive edge. What unconventional approaches have you found success with? Let us know in the comments!

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