How to Make Millions Selling Digital Planners on Instagram

How to Make Millions Selling Digital Planners on Instagram
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Instagram has become a powerful platform for entrepreneurs and content creators to grow an audience and monetize it. With over 1 billion monthly active users, there is immense potential to profit on Instagram.

In this post, I will be breaking down an incredible business model I recently discovered that is allowing people to make millions selling digital planners on Instagram.

The Multi-Million Dollar Instagram Account

It all started when I came across an Instagram account in my Explore feed that had over 750,000 likes and 25 million video views. I was intrigued, so I clicked on the link in their bio.

It took me to an Etsy shop selling digital planners and productivity printables. One product had almost 5,000 reviews and was priced at $14. Doing the math, that single printable had already generated around $70,000 in revenue.

Looking at the shop stats, I found they had over 173,000 sales. Estimating an average of $10 per product, this business had made over $1.7 million solely on Instagram.

Digging deeper, I found the oldest review was from 2018. In just 4 years, they had built a multi-million dollar business selling digital planners.

This opened my eyes to the immense potential of this business model. In this post, I'll walk you through exactly how to replicate their success step-by-step.

Why Digital Planners Are So Profitable on Instagram

Digital planners and printables are the perfect products to sell online for a few key reasons:

  • Extremely high profit margins - Once designed, they cost nothing to reproduce so it's almost 100% profit
  • Easy fulfillment - No shipping physical products required
  • Visual and shareable - Perfect for Instagram marketing
  • Evergreen demand - Planners are useful year-round

By selling digital files rather than physical products, you eliminate all the headaches and costs associated with manufacturing, inventory, shipping, etc.

And you can keep selling the same product forever since there are no reproduction costs. Scale is limitless.

Crafting Viral Instagram Content

Now even with an amazing product, you still need a marketing strategy to drive sales. This business nails it with their Instagram content and approach.

I'll break down exactly what makes their short videos so brilliant:

1. Captivating Visuals

  • Sleek iPad and city backdrop signify wealth and productivity
  • Cinematic blur effect focuses attention
  • Frequent jump cuts and motion keep viewers engaged

2. Relatable Hook

  • “Do you actually use your iPad daily?” - makes viewers nod along

3. Viral Audio

  • Upbeat, popular soundtrack instantly catches interest

4. Shareable Concept

  • Makes viewers want to save and send to friends struggling with organization

In just 10 seconds, this video overwhelms the senses and gets viewers hitting replay, like, and share - signalling to the Instagram algorithm that it should be pushed wider.

This results in the crazy high view counts. Their content is engineered for going viral.

How To Make Your Own Viral Planner Content

Now let's discuss how you can create similar viral content to promote your own digital planners once designed.

1. Film Simple Demos

Short videos of you flipping through the planner on an iPad or showing it printed out. Use bright, appealing visuals.

2. Show it In Use

Create clips using the planner in context - writing in it at a desk, checking off tasks, etc.

Use current viral sounds and songs. Avoid getting copyright flagged.

4. Strategic Jump Cuts

Use quick cuts aligned to the music to hold attention.

5. Compelling Captions

Include keywords about productivity, organization, goals.

6. Hashtags

Include niche hashtags like #productivity, #plannercommunity, etc.

With this combination of captivating video content and strategic captions, you can ensure your planner posts will be discovered by your target audience and continue reaching more potential buyers.

How To Create Your Own Digital Planners

Now let's get into the actual creation process for making visually appealing digital planners.

The great news is you don't need any design experience. User-friendly tools like Canva make it simple for anyone to create stunning planners.

Follow these steps:

1. Select a Template

Browse Canva's templates and select a planner layout you want to customize.

2. Choose Color Scheme

Pick colors that will appeal to your target audience. Pastels for students or moms, bold colors for executives, etc.

3. Add Relevant Sections

Consider what sections your audience will find useful - goals, habits, health, etc.

4. Insert Graphics

Drop in any extra design elements - icons, borders, images.

5. Arrange and Customize

Rearrange sections, add text, adjust sizing until you have your polished planner.

The key is to really think about your ideal customer. What would make them excited to use your planner over the competition? Add those custom touches.

How To Sell Your Digital Planners

Once you've designed high-converting planners, it's time to get them in front of customers. Here are two options:

Your Own Website

  • Buy a domain, connect it to a site builder like Wix
  • Create a homepage explaining your planners
  • Add individual product pages for each planner
  • Embed preview images, use attention-grabbing headlines

Etsy Shop

  • Sign up for an Etsy seller account
  • Create polished mockup images for each planner listing
  • Write compelling titles and descriptions
  • Drive traffic from Instagram to your shop

Both options can work very well. I recommend starting with Etsy to benefit from their built-in audience of buyers.

Growth Hacking Your Way to Success

Now it's time for the fun part - growth hacking your way to an explosion of sales and profits.

Here are proven strategies to turbocharge your digital planner business on Instagram:

Viral Giveaways

  • Partner with micro influencers in your niche
  • Offer a free planner in exchange for shares and follows
  • Require tagging friends in comments to enter

Affiliate Marketing

  • Recruit accounts with audiences who need your planner
  • Give them 25% commission on sales
  • Provide them with a special discount code

Instagram Ads

  • Create video ads showcasing your planners
  • Target interested buyers beyond just your followers
  • Drive traffic to your online store

Combining organic and paid growth strategies is the key to scaling rapidly. Take inspiration from the examples covered but also test new ideas. Track data and double down on what works best.

With the right Instagram marketing plan, you can quickly build an audience of hundreds of thousands of followers excited to buy your digital planners.

Turn Your Passion Into Profits

Selling digital planners on Instagram represents an amazing business model that is still under the radar. You don't need any initial capital or inventory.

All you need is creativity and the willingness to put yourself out there with killer content. You can design planners around any niche you are passionate about while monetizing your audience.

If you commit to consistent posting and constantly optimizing your marketing, the potential is truly limitless. Use this post as your blueprint for launching a digital planner business that allows you to turn your passion into profits.

I hope this provided you with an actionable game plan and inspiration around the possibilities of selling online. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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