4 Key Shifts to Grow Your Instagram Followers in 2023

4 Key Shifts to Grow Your Instagram Followers in 2023

In 2023, growing your Instagram followers requires a different approach than before. With constant algorithm changes, strategies that worked in the past are now ineffective.

To stay ahead this year, you need to understand the key shifts in Instagram's algorithm and metrics. Aligning to these changes is crucial for gaining followers.

In this post, I'll share the 4 most important Instagram shifts you must embrace to reignite your growth in 2023. Implementing just one or two of these can get your follower count rising again.

Shift 1: Prioritize Shares Over Likes

For a long time, likes were the holy grail of Instagram metrics. But their importance has diminished significantly.

Now, your share rate matters far more. Posts that generate a high volume of shares get shown to more users in feeds and suggested content.

Aim for your shares to reach at least 75% of your like count. A post with 100 likes should get 75+ shares for optimal visibility.

The psychology behind this makes sense - a share indicates content is valuable enough that a user proactively passes it to others. It's a stronger signal than a passive like.

To inspire more shares:

  • Make highly relatable content
  • Incorporate humor
  • Provide useful tips/hacks
  • Ask users to tag relevant friends

Shareable content keeps users engaged on Instagram longer, which is the platform's ultimate goal.

Another major shift is the rise of trends and challenges on Instagram.

Short-form, interactive content performs incredibly well right now. The key is adding your own spin as a creator.

You can find trending topics in the "Discover" section of the Instagram app. See which challenges and formats resonate with your niche.

Then create your own take on the trend through formats like:

  • Memes
  • Duets
  • Stitches
  • Templates
  • Filters/effects

This allows you to tap into the built-in virality of trends while customizing for your audience. Don't just blindly recreate what's popular - put your unique mark on it.

Shift 3: Use Hyper-Targeted Hashtags

Hashtags aren't completely dead, but random collections don't work anymore. You need a targeted approach.

Include 3-5 hashtags tightly related to your niche with each post. For example:

Fitness post: #fitness #gym #workout #gains #active

Marketing post: #digitalmarketing #socialmediamarketing #onlinemarketing #entrepreneur

You want hashtags that clearly signify your content's topic and intended audience. This helps Instagram understand your niche and when to recommend your posts.

Avoid banned or generic hashtags that provide no meaningful context. The right niche hashtags can still expand your visibility.

Shift 4: Post More Consistently

Finally, consistent posting remains as crucial as ever in 2023. You need to demonstrate ongoing value to Instagram's algorithm.

Creators that post daily or near-daily tend to see their content recommended more over time. Occasional posting leads to peaks and valleys in impressions.

You don't need fancy equipment or tons of time to post daily. Quick phone shots, simple drawings, engaging questions, and topical repurposed content can all drive consistency.

Building a content bank and using scheduling tools also makes consistency sustainable long-term without burning out.

Align with The Algorithm's Incentives

Understanding these major shifts is only half the battle. You need to internalize why Instagram's algorithm prioritizes them.

At its core, Instagram wants to keep users active and engaged for as long as possible. So they will promote content that aligns with that goal.

Ask yourself:

  • Does my content inspire sharing and conversations?
  • Am I participating in viral trends and challenges?
  • Are my posts clearly categorized around specific topics and niches?
  • Does my account demonstrate consistent value via daily posting?

Delivering what the algorithm incentivizes will guarantee you maximum reach and growth this year.

Execute a Complete Instagram Strategy

Simply realigning to Instagram's shifts alone won't grow your followers. You need a comprehensive strategy pulling together all aspects of growth.

Here are some key elements your strategy should address:

  • Crafting shareable content
  • Optimizing hashtags
  • Leveraging trends
  • Posting consistently
  • Engaging your community
  • Analyzing performance data
  • Optimizing your profile

With the right big-picture Instagram strategy, you can fully capitalize on these major algorithm shifts.

Stay adaptable and keep analyzing your data. Instagram will continue evolving rapidly in 2023. But embracing these changes now will kickstart your growth and help you reach the next level this year.

What key Instagram shifts have you noticed lately? How have you adapted your approach? Share your insights and experiences in the comments below!

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